Where do you fit in?

Being at your best, every day, means finding a place where you can use your expertise, but also where you’ll have the chance to build new skills and experience. We employ nurses at all career stages from pre registration nurses to fully qualified to matrons and charge nurses, as well as Healthcare Assistants.

These are the different wards/departments you can work in:

Oncology / Haematology

West Bergholt Ward has been completely refurbished to provide 28 beds with eight side rooms with en suite facilities and five four-bed bays each with a shower room and a separate toilet. The ward also benefits from a day room for patients and relatives.

Our day case patients are treated in the Mary Barron Suite and haematology Day Unit by a team of chemotherapy trained nurses, where there is capacity to treat up to 25 patients at a time.

The hospital has a state of the art radiotherapy centre with plans to develop a brand new chemotherapy and wellness centre on the floor above.


Our Children’s Unit provides an integrated area for acute and elective procedures. The 24-bed Children’s Ward includes facilities for resident parents, a well-equipped playroom and schoolroom with adjacent outside soft play area. There’s a dedicated lounge for adolescents and a fully equipped sensory room for children with special needs.

Within the Children’s Unit we have an 8 bedded Children’s Assessment Unit specialising in the assessment, treatment and discharge/admission and/or transfer of children.

A 10 bedded Children’s Elective Care Unit provides care for children undergoing elective surgical and medical day case procedures.

A separate Children’s Outpatient area has 13 clinic rooms with dedicated play facilities.

A Level 2 Neonatal Unit with 17 cots, inclusive of Intensive Care and high dependency care cots is located in an adjacent wing.


Langham Ward specialises in renal and gastroenterology, including inpatient dialysis.

Easthorpe Ward is general medicine and diabetes.

Layer Marney Ward focuses on respiratory medicine.

Dedham Ward is for cardiac medicine, and includes 13 monitored beds and provision for telemetry monitoring (CCU).

Elmstead Day Unit

The Unit deals with specialist medical and surgical procedures/investigations as day cases.

Critical Care – ITU / HDU

Incorporating the Intensive Care Unit and High Dependency Unit, our 13-bed Critical Care Unit looks after the most critically ill patients. ICU patients have 24-hour, one-to-one nursing care while HDU offers one nurse to every two patients, 24 hours a day.


We offer angioplasty, antenatal scans, CT and MRI, X-ray and ultrasound. To meet the increasing demand for diagnostic services and conveniently timed appointments, we provide extra services on weekday evenings, Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays.


Mersea Ward looks after elective surgical patients including ENT, general surgery (including colo-rectal), and urology. Patients are usually admitted from theatre via the Elective Care centre.

Brightlingsea Ward is our emergency surgical ward covering ENT, general surgery (including colo-rectal) and urology.

Wivenhoe Ward covers both elective and emergency vascular surgery.

Stanway Ward specialises in gynaecology, early pregnancy and breast care.


Our Orthopaedic Unit cares for both trauma and elective patients.

Fordham and Aldham Wards specialise in the management of trauma patients.

Copford Ward is the elective admission/day care unit and patients who undergo procedures such as joint replacement surgery, spinal surgery, upper and lower limb surgery have their inpatient stay managed on Great Tey Ward.

Our staff have the opportunity to rotate through all of these settings to gain experience in all aspects of orthopaedic nursing.  We offer a supportive 18 month preceptorship programme and are clinically supported by our members of the medical team.


We have Outpatient departments in Colchester and the coastal sites of Harwich and Clacton.

Outpatients is undergoing a great deal of change in the way patient access and flow is managed and it is a very exciting time to join the team. Staff who join our team have the opportunity to learn all of the necessary skills which allow them to work in a large number of different clinical settings and also includes specialist minor operation clinics. Staff can rotate to the different Outpatient specialties.


Our Ophthalmology department is an ever expanding service. The service provides specialist Outpatient clinics in Colchester and at the coast. Patients attend, in addition to the outpatient Clinics, both the cataract day unit and the retinal suite for treatments and surgery. There is a great deal of focus on nurse led clinics and roles such as nurse practitioners are ever increasing as is the introduction of virtual clinics.

The unit has an extremely supportive preceptorship programme and all staff are taught and educated in all aspects of the service so that we have a multi skilled workforce.

It is a very exciting time to join Ophthalmology as it will be transferring to a new purpose built unit in the next 18months.

Specialist Medicine

Our 33-bed Stroke Unit offers end-to-end stroke care to patients across North Essex. Birch, D’arcy, Tiptree and Peldon Wards specialise in acute medicine for the older person (78 and over).  All areas are led by experienced, motivated and highly skilled staff.

Urgent Care

It is an exciting time within Urgent care services which is rapidly expanding to meet local needs. The Emergency department has recently undergone a new build which includes a majors area, minors with waiting room and a 6 bedded resuscitation area. The Emergency department is a fast paced environment offering rapid diagnoses and treatment for patients whom are seriously ill with life threatening conditions and those with minor injuries/illnesses. Based within the department is a brand new purpose built Clinical decisions unit which enables us to provide a service for those ambulatory patients requiring short term observation.

Within Urgent Care we have an Emergency Assessment Unit specialising in the emergency admission, assessment, discharge and/or transfer of patients. This also comprises of a Medical Day Unit, recently redesigned, specialising in the emergency assessment of ambulatory GP patients. Situated within EAU is a Frail Elderly Unit. This is a brand new service which focuses on the way we manage frail patients by providing a multidisciplinary high standard of nursing care within the acute setting.

Maternity Services

Maternity services at Colchester uniquely offers midwifery led care to women at home, a choice of midwifery led coastal units in Clacton and Harwich and a co-located midwifery led unit at Colchester hospital. Our Consultant led Delivery suite has recently been completely refurbished with an emphasis on ‘Normality’ this includes Wall graphics and soft tone wall colours, Birthing Pools, Multitrack system Birthing Balls, Birthing chairs, and Floor mats

Women are placed at the centre of care and we offer choice, support, information and safe care to women and their families throughout pregnancy, labour and postnatally. Promotion of normality is central to our philosophy. We offer birth choice clinics and dedicated antenatal preparation for women who have experienced a previous complicated birth. Water birth is available in all locations. A wide range of antenatal classes are offered including free Hypnobirthing , relaxation classes and waterbirth workshops. We currently have Baby Friendly level 3 status and have a high breastfeeding initiation rate.

We offer a comprehensive preceptor ship program and all midwives are allocated protected time to attend our innovative, multidisciplinary y stat training programme. Continued education is supported and includes; NIPE, Mentorship and NLS and midwifery masters.

Our Roles